Electromagnetic Compatibility / Electromagnetic Interference

EMI testing is the simulation and measurement of a RF environment.
EMI phenomena are classified by the combination of four terms:
1. Conducted - Signals which are transmitted via a conductor.
2. Radiated - Signals which are transmitted over free space.
3. Emissions - Signal emanating from a device.
4. Susceptibility (Immunity) - A device's ability to operate in the presence of an externally generated signal.
Typical Test Specifications/Capabilities
 MIL-STD-461  BELLCORE GR-63-CORE    EN 50081
  MIL-STD-462  RTCA DO-160    EN 50082
  MIL-STD-704  FCC Part 15    EN 55022
  OEM Standards  SAE    ETSI Standards
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